Comprehensive Asbestos Survey of Gypsum Plant

The plant is located next to a gypsum mine and currently produces gypsum powder for numerous industrial and commercial applications. The main building, in which wallboard was formerly manufactured, measures over 700 ft long and 200 ft wide, with multiple levels on the end where production operations are now conducted.

The building exterior and some interior walls consist of corrugated asbestos-cement panels – commonly called Transite – that are in good condition with some damage. Inside the building, pipe insulation was mostly fiberglass with a few damaged asbestos fittings. Samples of insulation from a hopper located on a roof contained asbestos, as did pipe hanger insulation in two smaller buildings on the property.

My report included assessments of Current Condition and Potential for Disturbance for confirmed asbestos-containing materials according to ASTM E2356 that were plotted as a graphical tool for decision-making by plant management. The plant has an effective asbestos management plan in place and uses the services of an experienced abatement contractor with whom I dealt over twenty years ago.