University of Vermont asbestos management program...

I have been a consultant to the University of Vermont since 2002, when I
conducted an in-depth audit of their asbestos management program. In 2005 I returned to the University for an additional review of their program and updated the results of the audit. During this visit I trained the Asbestos Program staff and consultants on the use of the ASTM asbestos control standards for which I am responsible. The Training and Compliance Office performs abatement with its own personnel, makes extensive uses of contractors and consultants, and has to comply with state asbestos regulations.

Currently I am assisting the Training and Compliance Office in the installation of the Customized Compliance Program for Asbestos for management of asbestos-containing materials in campus facilities. This work involves the importation of survey data from the extensive database maintained by TCO into the CCPA format, supported by collection and confirmation of survey data by TCO staff. I am responsible for creating the web pages that form the basic architecture of the CCPA and developing all of the supporting documentation to allow effective use of the program. These pages are uploaded onto the UVM servers for access by campus users as well as TCO staff.

The CCPA makes extensive use of photos and floor plans to provide information about the locations of asbestos-containing materials in campus buildings and precautions to avoid disturbing them. It also helps TCO staff to satisfy communication requirements for campus employees and contractors. The CCPAalso gives TCO enhanced risk assessment and budgeting tools for asbestos management. Information has been posted for four buildings, including this six-floor historic building with 187,000 ft² of floor space.