El Paso Electric consulting and training

I have been a consultant to El Paso Electric since 2000. My initial assignment was to assist the Environmental Affairs Department in updating their asbestos management program and documentation, followed by asbestos awareness training for all employees in the powerplants, transmission and distribution, and others who might come in contact with asbestos-containing materials in the course of their work. During this time I advised the company on methods of reducing exposure during asbestos gasket cutting and removal operations.

Recently I was asked to review personal air sampling and qualitative settled dust sampling results for one of their power plants with damaged asbestos-containing pipe insulation. This led to a site visit where I took quantitative settled dust samples using the ASTM D5755 microvac method, and 40% of these settled dust samples were shown by the ASTM D7390 Dust Guide to be statistically significant from background, as was the ensemble of the entire data set. I prepared cleaning and maintenance procedures that would minimize the disturbance of the contaminated dust.

In 2004 the company asked me to develop a procedure for inspecting cables in Transite ducts encased in buried concrete slabs when damage may occur during excavation by contractors. I have been training workers annually on this procedure and also providing respirator training and fit testing. One of the hands-on exercises is shown in the picture using a simulated slab and buried (non-asbestos) ducts). The procedure that the workers are trained on has been incorporated as an appendix in the ASTM ASTM E2394 Standard Practice for Maintenance, Renovation and Repair of Installed Asbestos Cement Products.

Settled dust sample in power plant


Removing section of Transite duct