Attention – Training Providers!!
This Asbestos Awareness Program covers some of the topics required by the EPA Model Accreditation Plan (MAP) for asbestos training under the AHERA regulations. Trainng providers nationwide use these parts in classes for accredited and licensed persons who perform asbestos work in public, commercial and industrial facilities, including schools and government buildings.
Examination Questions

If you are giving an exam for course credit you can use the multiple-choice Examination Questions, which are provided in PDF format. Sample:

The most frequent cause of physical damage to  asbestos-containing materials is
            a          Severe weather
            b          Careless workers
            c          Terrorists
            d          Earthquakes

Answer: b

AHERA Six-Month Surveillance Training
School personnel can be trained to perform the six-month periodic surveillance required by the AHERA regulations with Parts Two and Three of this program.