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Asbestos Awareness -- Do Not Disturb

This program covers topics required by EPA AHERA regulations and the OSHA Construction Industry Standard for Asbestos:

• Asbestos properties, mining and production; health effects-- asbestosis, lung cancer (including effects of smoking) and mesothelioma; latency periods

• Types of asbestos-containing materials and their uses in buildings -- friable and non-friable materials, surfacing materials, thermal system insulation and miscellaneous materials

• Locations of asbestos-containing materials in buildings; plenums, crawl spaces and concealed spaces; commercial, industrial and residential examples

• Recognizing damaged and deteriorated asbestos-containing materials; physical and environmental damage; avoiding damage to intact materials; OSHA classes of work; wet cleaning and HEPA-vacuuming

The program also satisfies OSHA training requirements for housekeeping under the General Industry Standard for Asbestos.

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"Disturbance is what leads to exposure."
-- Acting US Surgeon General, 2009
Based on the classic programs Asbestos Awareness: Living with a Rattlesnake and Asbestos Awareness: Don’t Wake a Sleeping Bear, Asbestos Awareness -- Do Not Disturb contains new and updated information, graphics, photos and videos.

The program forms the core of a two-hour course, leaving ample time to answer questions from workers. It is most effective when attendees are provided with information on asbestos-containing materials in the building where they work. Ideal for

  • Custodians, maintenance workers and others who might contact asbestos-containing materials or who work near them (OSHA Construction Industry Class IV and General Industry)
  • Maintenance workers who might disturb asbestos-containing materials and will receive an additional 14 hours of training (OSHA Construction Industry Class III)

The program is professionally narrated and run about 48 minutes. This program is a perfect supplement to other materials used in training for AHERA accreditation and state licensing requirements. See Additional information for Training Providers including examination questions and AHERA six-month surveillance training.























Asbestos Awareness programs on DVD in Spanish
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Asbestos Awareness: Living with a Rattlesnake and Asbestos Awareness: Don’t Wake a Sleeping Bear are both on the same DVD. The asbestos information is the same in both versions -- you can switch back and forth to add some variety to your training courses. Programs are professionally narrated in Spanish and run about 55 minutes. Instructor's Guides in English and Spanish included.

What do asbestos, bears and rattlesnakes have in common? Click on the pictures.